News 03-04-2018 Site Update

Hello Everyone!

This weekend I was at The Atlanta Science Fiction and Fantasy Expo this weekend selling artwork and commissions. Jeff also debuted Starcat Product’s recently completed Universal Card Game


On top of that I finished publishing a nice hefty update of artworks to check out in the Art Gallery. On the backend I updated a number of things that needed adjusting. These things should make organization of the site easier to handle in the future.


Plans for the future? Its looking like a possibility for more shows. Jeff and I both are going to be making some decisions for where to go next. I’m also wanting to make some time and change my Facebook Page from a group to a proper page as well. This should help with general exposure online and be easier to interact with for you and myself!


And of course, I’m really interested in exploring some potential new product lines? What would you like to see? Feel free to shoot me your ideas here, via Facebook, or E-Mail.



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