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News 02/13/2015 – Sukoshi Con Athens Here I Come!

Hello Everyone!

Danielle here with another update.

This coming March 7th, 2015 you can find me selling art in Athens Georgia for Sukoshi Con. Stop by and visit me if you happen to be in the area. I’ll have all kinds of art prints for sell and Yugioh buttons as well!

My plans also include trying to get into Anime Weekend Atlanta this year, it’s looking like sign-ups will be around March this year. Would love to get in and not be waitlisted this year.

Also, I’ve added a new art work to the gallery. You can view it here on the Art Gallery Page.

And in conclusion, sorry for the lack of updates, I’ve been busy with the holidays, and designs for a big project I’m working on this year. If there is something you’d like me to write about regarding art, you are welcome to contact me via Facebook, Tumblr, or Email.

News 09/10/2014 – Post Amelia Con Review

My booth Setup at Amelia Con

Last weekend, Jeff, my husband, and I, Danielle, traveled to Fernadina Beach, FL for Amelia Con. I participated in my first Artist Alley while there. With the excitement of the weekend now out of the way, I now reflect, and write  about my experiences there.

The Setup:

We had a few hitches finding the exhibition space, but once Jeff and I arrived, we had barely any troubles with setup. The staff provided us 8ft x 2ft tables with 2 chairs. My wire cube setup worked well, and I had plenty of room for my portfolios, price guide, and business cards. I’ll admit, I did not think I’d have enough artwork and whatnot to fill the space, but found I had no trouble at all doing so in the end. Also, major props to the Amelia Con staff for providing us breakfast, lunch, and waters throughout the day.



As for sales, let me be upfront – I sold terrible. I could attribute this to several factors which I’ll list below:

  1. DragonCon happened the weekend before. Several people at my table wanted to buy, but they did not have a lot of money to spend for the convention.
  2. People with money at this convention only had interest only for fan art of their favorite characters. I had many asks for Guardians of the Galaxy fan art. I’d rather avoid the potential problems of selling fan art from Marvel and DC properties.
  3. So many kids at the convention. They just did not have the money in general, even if they showed a lot of interest in buying. A few even tried to convince their parents to buy artwork from me.

Actually, let me talk about the kids at this convention. They rocked! I had several younger artists sharing their art with me, and asking me all sorts of questions. I hope I was able to inspire them to continue working on their craft, and tried to give a few words of encouragement here and there. If any of you kids that met me last weekend are reading this, keep drawing and pushing yourself! I promise you’ll get better if you keep at it.

As for my own sales skills, I found myself a decent saleswoman. The people with money I managed to convince more than 75% of the time to buy something. A few who sat on the fence came back around the middle of the day to make purchases. Even though people wanted to mostly buy fan art, they came to my table attracted to my original art. As for the fan art situation, I don’t mind making it. However, I don’t feel completely right with the idea where a majority of my artistic income comes from it. As a compromise, I’m thinking of making limited print numbers of all future fan art.


What I will do next time:

At the convention I noticed people enjoyed the work I did on wooden medallions with original art of mine I sold for $5.00 a piece.  Definitely need to buy a lot more of said wooden medallions for my next convention and take requests. I can finish those in 10-15 minutes, and the person will get a colored piece of original art from me. I’ll also do similar sketch requests on 5.5in x 8.5in regular paper for about the same amount.



So in the end. I enjoyed getting to meet so many different kinds of people, and begin learning the in’s and out’s of selling. The convention had around ~1000 people. I didn’t feel too nervous, found my voice for making sales, and how to better appeal to people next go around. It stinks I had to lose a lot of money to figure it all out. As they say though, sometimes you have to spend money, to make money.

As for my verdict on Amelia Con, I won’t return as an artist in Feb 2016. It is not because I did not enjoy my time there, or because of a hostile con environment. It just didn’t sell well enough for me yet to make the trip worth it. Maybe another time when I have more name recognition, or can take the risk better.

News 08/27/2014 – Amelia Con Pre-Show

Hi Everyone!

I’ve been prepping tons for Artists Alley at Amelia Con this Sept. 5-7. The AA is only open on that Saturday the 6th.

All the prints and buttons have come in for the most part. Unfortunately, the Yugioh prints did not come in yet from Cat Print due to an order mix-up. Already called them and the rest of my order will arrive this Friday. The prints I have on hand turned out fantastic and their customer service is exceptional. I’ll definitely use them again.

Also, mega props to Just Buttons as well for their superb job on my Yugioh buttons. I had another company in mind at first, but my plans to use them fell through when they stopped handling small scale jobs. Just Buttons came through and I’m glad to have chosen them in the end.



—This picture does not show all the prints available in my show. I wanted to show off as well the clear bags I purchased. I need to repost the Devil Survivor 2 fan art sometime (pictured upper left). The background got a total facelift because I was totally unhappy with the way it looked when formatting it for the printing stage.


WP_20140826_005 - Copy

—Same setup, just at another angle.


WP_20140826_002 - Copy

—The Yugioh buttons from Just Buttons! I also included a picture of my business card.


I’ll happily take orders on anything I happen to have left over after the convention. I won’t have another show until February anyway (Sukoshi Con in Athens, GA), leaving me with lots of time to restore inventory if the need arises.

As for my own feelings at the moment, I’m experiencing a crazy mixture of nervousness and excitement. I feel like I’m in a dream seeing all of this come together. A year ago, I know for sure I could never have planned things out and make them come together. My current job as a virtual assistant has taught me a lot about planning and meeting goals & expectations.